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Worst motherfucker never loved us
Fucker never loved us
You ain't know, now you know now
Still at it, scrub J's with a toothbrush
Shit, niggas still playing my old shit
But your shit is like the police asking us questions,
Nigga' we don't know shit
Flex, nigga I'm just flexin'
Nigga never loved us
Do it look like we stressin'?
Look at you, look at you, and look at you,
Ahh - I'm glad that they chose us
Command, it's a mission,
Trying to fight to the finish just to see 'em all finish

On my worst behavior, no?
They used to never want to hear us,
Motherfucker never loved us, remember?
Motherfucker, remember?
Motherfucker never loved us
I'm on my worst behavior,
Don't you ever get it fucked up
Motherfuckers never loved us
Man, motherfuckers never loved us
Worst behavior
Motherfuckers never loved us
Fucker never loved us
Worst behavior

[Verse 1]
Hold up, hold my phone
Motherfuckers never loved us
Fucker never loved us
Now you want to roll one
Motherfucker never loved us
So everywhere we go now, full cup
Always hated the boy, but now the boy is the man
Motherfucker, I done grown up
You know me, you know me
I'm liable to do anything when it comes to that you owe me
You owe me, you owe me
Bitch you better have my money when I come for the shit like O.D.B.


[Verse 2]
Who's hot, who not
Tell me who rock, who sell out in stores
You tell me who flop, who copped the new drop
Whose jewels got rocks,
Who else making rap albums doing numbers like its pop
Same old pimp,
Drake you know ain't nothing's changed with these funny style niggas
We done put out of the game
I just ask for some blessings at my grandmother's grave
And its back to L.A.,
Open the mail, staring at the check
Enough to make you throw up
Man it's gross what I net
I'm with my whole set, tennis matches at the crib
I swear I could be Serena when she playing with her left
Oh, where I reside it looks like a resort inside
Nigga, where your shit from?
I imported mine
Bar mitzvah money like my name Mordehigh
Fuck you bitch, I'm on that high
My momma probably hear that and be mortified
This ain't the son you raised who used to take the Acura
5 a.m. going shoot Degrassi up on Morningside
For all the stunting, I'll forever be immortalized
Yeah, back and forth across the border line
Hate to leave the city but I've got to do the overtime
Gone all the time, even the important times
I should let you know ahead of time I'm coming back on my worst behavior

Hold up, hold my phone, they used to never want to hear us
Motherfucker never loved us
Worst behavior

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