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Speaker Knockerz - Lonely

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Speaker Knockerz
Don Williams
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Started out with nothing, I was hungry
Now I got a couple niggas bitches on me
Fuck nigga I don't wanna be your homie
I had to make a couple bands by me lonely
I had to make a couple bands by my lonely x3
Fuck nigga I don't wanna be your homie

[Verse 1]
All I wanna do is count commas
I had to make a couple bands for the come up
Got kicked out the house i had no option
I was going through it with my moma
Ju-juggin and finnesin' had to play it raw
Smoking weed dodging feds cause my head hard
When i dropped out i sad fuck all of y'all
Imagine pulling up to your school in the best car
I was born in 94 i got the tattoo
I just took his bitch that's what that cash do
If you went from broke to rich quick you would brag too
I'm sorry I finnessed you out your money but i had too


[Verse 2]
Ha ha ha ha ha, you mad or nah
Fuck nigga don't want war
Them things go da da da
These thots don't get no love
My pockets is so large
I'm swimming in the guap
I got gold all on my watch
My belt cost more than you check
I'm throwing all this money like Brett
I know ill make a girl so wet
I know the pussy nigga upset
I'm winning I'm winning you lose
That's your fault should have never snoozed
You broke never make no moves
I be making movies, no Tom Cruise


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